Color palettes by DML

Looking for some fun and new color palette inspo to work with? Check out these handpicked suggestions I've created and listed on my Pinterest. 

I've had a few of you ask me how I come up with these color palettes - as corny as it sounds, you can literally find inspiration in everything the world has to offer. I often find inspiration through traveling; new cities, new scenery and even new foods, the outdoors; mountains, trails. parks, beaches, lots and lots of flowers too. 

My work is pretty colorful itself, but during my years of creating (original paintings and murals,) I've realized I enjoy working with color palettes that include 4-6 colors - whether they are the same color but different shades, or completely different colors that somehow work together. 

I hope you find some inspo with these color palettes I've shared and that you get to have some fun creating some new crafts!